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All Fives Domino


All Fives Domino is an interesting game with to play along with your partners. We all know how addictive the domino games are, you have the tiles which have dots on it, we have to arrange the blocks on the board with matches the either side of the tile. Rules are really simple, clear the blocks with you and win the game. But we have to make your strategy correct, we have to plan our moves ahead of our opponent’s move.

But how this game All fives domino is different is this game is having a specific target, is to place the tile which matches with the multiple of 5. Drag tiles on the board, try to get multiples of 5 on the ends of the domino chain to score.

if you cannot match your tile or block just click pass and wait for next turn. This domino games need a perfect strategy as well as a small luck. So let us be lucky by playing hundreds of games on jhurr.com

All Fives Domino

All Fives Domino Controls:

Use mouse to arrange the tiles.