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Clean Road 3D Game


Racing video games are the subject of Road Cleaner 3D. The player controls a vehicle that sweeps the road. With this vehicle, the player must open up passage for the town residents who wish to leave their homes but are thwarted by a snowy route jam-packed with hazards. People over the age of six who want to escape from their everyday problems should play this game. The game’s single-player mode is available. Play on jhurr.com
The main goal in this game is for the player to clear the way for all the townspeople whose road is blocked and help them get to the road cleared of snow and without obstacles. The win condition is met when the goal of the game is reached. Loss occurs when one of the townspeople gets into an accident. The basic controls in this game are quite clear. At first, the car moves forward automatically. By pressing button A, the car will turn left, by pressing button D, the car will turn right.