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Jigsaw Puzzle: Summer Road


Jigsaw puzzle: Summer Road is a fun game to play. Here is a traditional 2D jigsaw puzzle game, Your mission is to match all pieces to where they should be. There are five sizes of puzzles for you to challenge, you can start from 12 pieces to know about the pattern first. Use the hints when you get into trouble. Glad you will always win all three yellow stars.

Jigsaw is a traditional simple block arranging game. Check all the missing pieces and place them on the perfect matched area where it fits, this game improve the thinking and guessing abilities, specifically this game is for all ages.

Drag pieces to where they should be and arrange them to make the perfect image complete. Play this game tension free as this is not timer based, play relaxed and clear all the puzzles and win the game.

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Jigsaw puzzle: Summer Road

Jigsaw puzzle: Summer Road controls

Use mouse to drag and arrange the missing pieces