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Mission Rescue Ambulance


Playing the ambulance parking game “Mission Rescue Ambulance” is entertaining. Become a professional ambulance driver in this thrilling driving game and get the victims to hospitals as quickly as you can. There is no time limit, so go as quickly as you can, avoid any obstacles, drive through them, park the ambulance in the ideal spot, and win the game.

Enjoy the nice weather while driving in the congested traffic lanes, maneuvering your ambulance over precise and insane curves.

Transporting patients in an emergency is a crucial skill for ambulance drivers to possess, since every second counts in preserving the lives of critically ill patients. It only takes you to operate the ambulance.

Different patient have different critical issues, so every second is important to save their lives, being a ambulance drivers gives you skill and satisfaction. Always try to be prepare with your strategies and reach the target as soon as possible.

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Controls: Arrows and Touch controls to drive.