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Soldier Attack 3


Soldier Attack 3 is another installment from the famous series called solider attack. Being a soldier requires a lot of skill, we must be nimble, brave, alert, and extremely fit. You are forced to do all daring activities in this game so you can discover your inner potential.

With its abundance of extra levels and goal of hitting the aliens with the fewest shots possible, this game differs from the previous one. This time, we must prevent an alien invasion of Earth, therefore let’s prepare, arm ourselves with powerful weapons, and eliminate any alien invaders. Ensuring the safety of our people’s sleep and protecting our planet are two of our most pressing tasks.

Explore number of weapons and high quality tanks and other machinery and make the perfect cameo to destroy them all. Jhurr.com is loaded with hundreds of interesting games, have fun and spend your quality time here by playing interesting games.

Soldier Attack 3

Soldier Attack 3 Controls:

Aim and click to shoot.