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Temple Run Mod API on PC


Relic Runway is a fun, chaotic running game with lots of unique features and adventures that was inspired by Temple Run 2. Additionally, you play a running game in an Inca temple where ancient artifacts are waiting for you. In order to avoid being pursued by the mythological guardian that you took its priceless gem from, you must move rapidly in this game. Prepare yourself for a wild and enjoyable running adventure by running as fast as you can. Amass as many gold coins, gems, or bonuses as you can. You can unlock additional characters and enhance your bonuses. The ability to endure the game’s fast-paced obstacles will depend on skill and adrenaline. Prepare to act swiftly in the face of dangerously falling columns and collapsing floors.. Temple run mod API, temple Run Mod, Temple Run2, Temple Run PC
Arrows or Mouse to play